Group Workshops

Malka Shaw LCSW

Women’s Journey to Wellness

An amazing opportunity to develop coping skills and meet other women just like yourself.

An empowering ten week journey, which teaches practical skills of problem solving and stress management. You will learn specific techniques to apply to your life and situation that will increase satisfaction and happieness.

Please note that there will be a seperate group targeted for Orthodox Jewish women run by a Frum Therapist.

New groups forming February 18th for Thursdays at 11am. Other options for a Wednesday evening group, TBA

Please call 973 271 7788 if interested.

Crossing the Bridge

A trauma recovery workshop

This group will first on focusing on empowerment and wellness issues designed to help women overcome feelings of victimization. The second part of the course is designed to take the women to a deeper level coping with and understanding the impact that the emotional, sexual, and physical abuse has had on their inter-personal relationships, emotional stability, possible career and ability to parent. This is a combination of experiential and psycho-educational workshop.

The group length is 15 weeks. Next group is targeted to begin at the beginning of March.

Please note that this does not substitute for individual therapy, and many participants will continue individual treatment, either with the facilitator or another therapist while participating.

Seperate groups for Orthodox Jewish women availabile, and facilitated by a Frum Therapist.

Parenting Workshops

A safe space to recieve support and skills, while meeting other mothers like yourself

Parenting, while the most rewarding job, is also the most challenging! This is a format to discuss all of the areas of raising kids in this generation. It will address your needs as a mother; for balance, for understanding and developing your parenting style and philosophy. It will address the specific ideas of raising emotionally healthy children, includes topics of communication and discpline.discipline.

The specific topics and areas to be discussed will be tailored to the needs of the specific group.