Counseling Services

Malka Shaw LCSW

Individual Counseling

Psychotherapy is a collaborative journey which provides a safe non-judgmental space in order to allow exploration your past and current relationships and experiences. It is a place to truly express feelings in order reach a better understanding of yourself and others, leading to greater satisfaction in all aspects of life – interpersonal relationships, work, love, family and play.

My approach is interactive – integrating a variety of clinical orientations and techniques to offer a highly personalized approach. I work as a mentor and guide to help my clients work on practical techniques for communication skills, coping skills for stress, and methods for dealing with anger and sadness. I work with each individual to help them build on their strengths so they may conquer his/her challenges, and attain the personal growth.

Marital and Couples Counseling

A good relationship takes thought, wisdom, patience, courage, and continuous work. The skills needed to maintain a healthy balanced relationship do not always come naturally; they are learned skills. Often couples will say that they “have been trying”, but upon further inquisition- they will admit that have been running around the same circles left to feel drained, frustrated and sometimes bitter. It is important to take a step back and try a different approach.

Professional help offers a new perspective and paradigm for increasing intimacy. It will provide an opportunity to improve communication skills and techniques for problem solving, in order to work towards achieving your common life goals. The process is not about assigning “blame” to either spouse, but rather helping to create a new emotional bond whereby you and your spouse can feel safe and secure so that issues can then be addressed more effectively.

At times, individual investigation related to personal and emotional challenges in one or both of the couple may be necessary.

Family Counseling

Family therapy is designed to promote better relationships and understanding within a family. It often has an instructional component, teaching family members new ways of communicating and interacting with one another in order to achieve a more harmonious unit. My approach to family therapy is to look at the family as a whole, not solely focus on individual people. I am extra sensitive to the rituals, customs and ethnicities that can define a family.

At times, an individual consultation related to personal and emotional challenges for a particular individual may be necessary.

Some of the Common Areas of Focus:

  • Parenting Skills
  • School Related Issues
  • Transitions within the Family (moving, a new baby, loss of loved one, divorce or re-marriage, illness)
  • Providing Structure and Maintaining Boundaries
  • Balancing Discipline and Love
  • Adolescent Attitude Issues
  • Building Social Skills and Self-Esteem
  • Understanding and Living with a Family Member suffering from Mental Illness

Group Workshops

We are pleased to announce a Women’s Journey to Wellness. This workshop is an amazing opportunity to develop practical life skills, explore your own unique path and meet other women just like yourself.

Please continue to check for an updated list of current groups being offered. A variety of workshop topics will be available at different times throughout the year.

For more information about workshops please click here.